Solopreneur Tip of the Day — You can grow your business while feeling safe

Solopreneur Tip of the Day — You can grow your business while feeling safe

Super Quick Solopreneur Tip of the Day: You can grow your business while feeling safe. It doesn’t need to be either/or!

Getting out of your comfort zone an stretching yourself can be wonderful, but you do NOT need to be in a constant state of fear in order to make progress and scale your business.

…And in fact, you can make MORE progress, faster and more enjoyably, when you feel safe and supported.

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TAKE ACTION ON THIS — Identify what your comfort zone limits are. What is within your comfort zone, what is on the edge of your comfort zone, and what is far beyond your comfort zone?

You can do this as an exercise with ANY idea, goal, of task. The area that you’ll want to focus on is the EDGE of your comfort zone — so that you can stretch yourself while still feeling safe and supported, without it feeling like you’re extending yourself too far.

Now, when you are in the process of stretching your comfort zone, sometimes it’s tricky to know exactly where that edge is, and there is also an ART to identifying the best way to put this into practice. You might also find that you simply want an additional sense of safety and support.

That’s where I come in! Book a coaching session with me and we can work through stretching your comfort zone in a safe, supported way — so that you make awesome progress on your goals without it feeling terrifying: