What are the "faux leather leggings" of your business

What are the “faux leather leggings” of your business?

I was out for a walk the other day, and a woman stopped me on the sidewalk: "Omg, where did you get those pants?! They look so classy and comfy!" 

It made me laugh, because I get A LOT of comments on the pants I wear—which are pretty much exclusively faux leather leggings. 

For years, I used to wear jeans (or dress pants in professional settings), because that's just what you do. I can't even remember why I first decided I should try on a pair of faux leather leggings, but once I did, I was hooked. And while I do still own a pair of back-up jeans, I find that they just aren't nearly as comfortable as my leggings. What are the "faux leather leggings" of your business

The kind of comment I get from people ranges from, "I could never pull that off" (Yes, you can!), to the above "They look so classy and comfy!" (Yes, they are, and they're also very versatile for any occasion!), to "Huh, I never thought about trying something like that on" (I highly recommend it!).

→ If you want to keep wearing jeans, then that's awesome! But if you want to change things up & try a different style, or if jeans aren't comfortable for you... then why do you keep doing the same thing?

We all, at some point or another, fall into the trap of doing the same thing we've always done, just for the sake of it, rather than because it's what we actually want to do or like doing. The more that we question and analyze our everyday choices—such as our go-to clothes—the more that we are exercising our abilities to question and analyze the deeper choices that we make.

...Such as our decisions in business 😉

(You KNEW this story was coming back to business!)

Here's a fun experiment:

Spend an hour (or half a day, or a full day, or a full week, or forever!) questioning everything about your business: 

  • Is this something I want to be doing?
  • What made me decide to do it THIS way in the first place?
  • How could I do this in a different, more-enjoyable-to-me way?

Asking these types of questions about *everything* in your business might bring to light some startling realizations. And from there... You can start doing things differently, making choices that are a better fit for you, and feel fantastic about it.

By the way—If you think to yourself, "I could never pull that look off" (AKA: "I can't do business like THAT, because ___"), then just remember... *pulling it off* is a state of mind. 

→ Think you can't do business a particular way? That's a GREAT indicator that you can benefit from success coaching! Together we will overcome your insecurities, imposter syndrome, and obstacles.

I'm curious... When you start questioning things, what do you discover are the "faux leather leggings" of your business? What are you doing differently to love your business even more?