5 business questions from Marvel superhero movies

5 business questions from Marvel superhero movies

I recently rewatched all the Marvel movies in chronological order, and—because my mind always comes back to business!—it got me thinking about our origin stories, our hero journeys, the "villains" we face, during our business adventures...

For superheroes, the choices they make (which tend to affect everyone in the world & beyond... *cough* Avengers: Infinity War *cough*) always come back to their origin story. Who they *are*—and how they interact with/respond to the villain(s)—is a direct result of where the hero has been and what they've experienced along the way, throughout their "hero journey."

For us, in business, we experience something similar...

Your origin story connects back to why you want to start your own business in the first place, the catalyst that helped you leap forward, your goals and ambitions that motivate you.

The "villains" might be your unique life struggles, trauma, mental health, insecurities and imposter syndrome, toxic business relationships, fears of failure/success, lack of self-trust or self-honesty, mistakes you've made in the past, unexpected complications external to you, etc.

And your hero journey? It's everything up until where you are, right now... and you get to write the rest of the story, starting NOW.

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    → You are at your most powerful when you write your own story.

    But a problem you're running into right now is that you're focusing too much on living the story—you aren't actively writing it, while you're experiencing it. When you aren't actively writing your own story, that means that you aren't making active decisions in your life... You're letting it happen to you. 5 business questions from Marvel superhero movies

    ...It's time to get into the driver seat!

    Ask yourself these questions: 

    1. What’s your business origin story? 
    2. What’s your hero journey? 
    3. What is the villain you need to face? 
    4. How has your origin story affected you up until this point?
    5. What can you change to improve the way you react to villains, moving forward?

    The best way to understand where you're going—and to have control/autonomy over the direction you move—is to understand where you've been and why. This is the benefit of looking to your past "hero journey" & origin story: It can help you understand your present that much better, which can help to guide your future. 

    We can sort through this together (and outline your entire superhero business story!) in one-on-one productivity and success coaching sessions! We'll identify what's holding you back, where you want to be, and how you're going to get there.

    What are some of the villains in your story? Are you ready to start actively writing your story from now on?