Hiring employees won’t solve your productivity problems

Spoiler alert: Hiring employees will NOT solve your productivity problems!

Popular industry advice for business owners is to “Hire employees!” when you feel overwhelmed…

But here’s the thing: if you hire employees when you have shaky business foundations, it’s just going to create even more (and much bigger!) problems down the road.

Think about this—If your business doubled, tripled, or quadrupled within the next few weeks… Would you be able to handle it? 

→ If not, then you need to improve your business structure and foundations!

Learn more in this quick, 11-minute video—plus find out what you can do INSTEAD of "hiring employees"...

This video was originally recorded on Instagram Live in summer 2021 🙂 

To summarize: hiring employees won't solve your productivity problems

Hiring employees is NOT the answer to your productivity woes.

Setting up strong, healthy, business foundations (with intention & room for growth!) is the REAL area you need to focus on.

…and we can do this TOGETHER!

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