top 10 productivity myths for solopreneurs

Top 10 productivity myths for solopreneurs

Top 10 productivity myths for solopreneurs top 10 productivity myths for solopreneurs

Guess what? It’s Productivity Myth-Busting time!

Find out the top 10 productivity myths I hear in the online business industry and why these common beliefs are actually FALSE...

...PLUS, discover what you can do instead—to take ownership of your productivity abilities, take back control of your time & energy, and transform into the productive BOSS you know you are capable of becoming!

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This video was originally recorded on Instagram Live in summer 2021.

Quick recap: 

Productivity Myth #1: "Business planning is boring."

This is FALSE. Business planning can be fun and transformative! If industry jargon doesn't appeal to you, don't use it. If you find business planning boring, that means you're doing it wrong. Get the Business Planning Retreat Workshop to have fun with it:

Productivity Myth #2: "Solopreneurs cannot be truly productive."

This is FALSE. You do NOT need to hire a team of employees in order to enjoy a successful and productive business! Instead, focus on being strategic and implement your productivity style and learning style to maximize productivity.

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Productivity Myth #3: "I need fancy software to be productive."

This is FALSE. If your learning style prefers analogue style, then have fun using pen and paper! How does your brain work? Create systems and structures based on THAT.

Productivity Myth #4: “If I take a day off work, that automatically means I’m not being productive.”

This is FALSE. Do you feel guilty about taking time off work? Please don’t! Rest and self-care are the foundation of healthy productivity. If you actually want to be productive, then you NEED to take a break. It will support your productivity and help you be more productive. Taking a break can be one of the most productive things you can do. (You as a human being are also deserving of rest, regardless)

Productivity Myth #5: “The best way to improve productivity is to work harder and hustle more.”

This is FALSE. Often we glorify busy work and get into a toxic productivity… but when it gets to the point of toxic, it’s no longer healthy or productive. True productivity is good for us—not toxic! If you are hustling and grinding, you’re probably just being busy. It’s important to be strategic and mindful:

Rather than working for the sake of work, we need to work on the RIGHT things. We can work together on this in a one-on-one productivity coaching capacity:

Productivity Myth #6: “As long as I use XYZ productivity technique, I’ll be able to be more productive.”

This is FALSE. There is no one-size-fits-all. It’s not about the tool—it’s about the strategy and how you USE the tool. How your brain processes information and how your business is structured will determine the best tool for you.

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Productivity Myth #7: “There’s a limit to how productive I can be.”

This is FALSE. The productivity limit does not exist! As a Productivity Strategist with over 10 years of business, I continue to learn new things and improve my productivity on a daily basis. You can always learn more! You can ALWAYS be more productive.

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Productivity Myth #8: “Being a perfectionist will make my work better.”

This is FALSE. Wearing “perfectionism” as a badge of honour is holding you back from completing projects or being visible. You are doing yourself a huge disservice! Perfectionism is a symptom, not the root problem.

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Productivity Myth #9: “Procrastination is always bad.”

This is FALSE. You don’t need to feel guilty about procrastination!

You can still DO something about your procrastination tendencies—and even use it to your advantage.

→ Why are you procrastinating on this vs that, for example? Procrastination is information that we can actually USE. (More about using procrastination to your advantage & what you can learn from it:

Productivity Myth #10: “I need to wake up at 5am or work every weekend to be productive.”

This is FALSE. If you aren’t a morning person, you won’t get high quality work done… so why would you force yourself to work at 5am?

We can structure your schedule so you get stuff done when you’re at your most creative and energized (Psst… my clients have done this even when they have busy schedules and small kids at home!)

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