How much is your time worth to you?

How much is your time worth to you?

Got a question for you today… How much is your time worth to you? 

Really—take a moment and think about it. 

Time is one of our most invaluable commodities. Once it’s gone, we can’t exactly get it back. And we all know how easy it is to let days, weeks, months, years go by without enjoying our time the way we want.

Speaking of enjoyment, here’s another useful thought experiment: If you could have anything in the world… What does that look like for you? 

(Again, take a moment and think about it!)

When I ask my clients this question, they often say things like, 

“I want to spend more time with my family.”

“I want the freedom to create my own schedule.”

“I want to travel the world.”

“I want to explore my hobbies—pursue my art or learn a new language.”

“I want to write/read more books."

The common denominator? What it always boils down to is TIME…

Everyone wants their time back.

We all want complete ownership of our own time!

And there’s an extremely important underlying element to this: Getting our time back doesn't do us any good unless we can ENJOY that extra time. 

So with that in mind, let’s go back to that first question I asked you, and let’s take it a step further…

→ How much is your time worth to you?

→ How about your energy?

→ How much is it worth it to you to have the capacity and bandwidth to enjoy your hobbies again, to fulfill your wildest goals and your dream-come-true personal lifestyle?

→ How much is it worth it to you to truly love & enjoy every aspect of your business—yes, even the stuff that seems boring or frustrating or difficult right now?

Maybe you can put a dollar amount on those questions. But honestly, the conclusion that every single one of my clients has reached is the same conclusion I’ve come to… 

Your time and energy are priceless.

Let me repeat that:

Your time & energy are absolutely priceless. 

Our time and energy are so much more valuable than we give them credit for… without them, we can’t enjoy our lives (personal or professional) to the fullest, we can’t achieve our goals, and we’re missing out on living our lives the way we want.

When you get back your time and energy, you become wealthy beyond measure. 

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