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What Does a Business Coach for Freelancers Do?

Starting to teach other freelancers how to start and grow their successful and profitable freelance businesses has been AMAZING. I am having so much fun with it! Not sure what a business coach for freelancers DOES, exactly? Find out everything you wanted to know about getting a business coach in this article! How to choose a business coach, what a business coach does, pros of group coaching vs one-on-one coaching, why you need a business coach for your freelance business & more. Click on over to learn all about freelance business coaching now!

So much fun, in fact, that I launched a brand new program last week: the 6-week Biz Bestie One-on-One Coaching Program! It’s the perfect option if you want to take things to a whole new level and get really personalized coaching.

As I build my business and create more programs, I’ve had people ask me an important question: “what exactly does a business coach for freelancers DO?”

Let’s address that topic today! We’re going to talk about what a business coach for freelancers does, why having a freelance business coach can be a game-changer, how to choose a business coach for your freelance business, and whether group coaching or one-on-one coaching is right for you.

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Now let’s get to it!

What does a business coach for freelancers DO, exactly?

A freelance business coach tends to do five key things:

1) Brainstorm ideas with you (on everything from what services you should include in your business, to what you should name your business, to how you should best go about marketing your business, and more)

2) Provide feedback on your work (such as your freelance services webpage, your social media posts, your LinkedIn profile, your business plan, and more)

3) Make recommendations for moving forward with your business (including personalized suggestions for what YOU need to work on the most)

4) Give direction and guidance (for example, making suggestions on what action steps to take each week, and particular areas of focus to achieve your long-term goals)

5) Provide support and encouragement (everything from lifting you up when you’re having a tough week to lending a sympathetic ear to giving you a kick in the butt when you need it!)

A business coach for freelancers doesn’t do all the work for you—instead, my priority is helping to guide and mentor you, to motivate you and keep you moving forward and making progress with your business, and providing practical, actionable feedback whenever you need it.

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Why is it a good idea to have a business coach for my freelance business? In this article, discover what a business coach for freelancers does, why you need a freelance business coach, how to choose one, and more! Click on over to get the goods (plus a handy cheatsheet!) now ::: freelance tips ::: freelance business tip

This is a great question! There are a lot of concerns about hiring a business coach:

Business coaches are expensive.

I can probably figure it all out on my own.

What difference can a business coach actually make to my business, anyway?

But when you have a business coach, you are doing yourself a great service!

The right business coach for you will empower you to make real change for your business, to keep moving forward and making progress as a small business owner, to answer the tough questions, to identify your strengths and weaknesses (and how to best leverage them), to stay motivated when you’re struggling, and to come up with strategies that WORK for you.

Too many freelancers opt to “figure it out on their own,” only to end up struggling for years to get their business on its feet, or to make any profit with their business!

Although business coaching CAN be expensive, it’s worth looking at it from the investment standpoint: if you invest several hundred dollars for a couple months, you could make more progress with your business in that time than you might have in an entire YEAR without a coach.

Save yourself the time and energy—and the MONEY that you’ll waste if you struggle with your business for too long—and get yourself a freelance business coach.

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How do I choose a business coach for my freelance business?

One of the things that concerns me right now about the trend of online courses is that many people launching courses have a) no interest in the actual TEACHING component of it, and b) no background in teaching, or no understanding of HOW to teach effectively.

…this is a HUGE problem that few people are discussing, but I have no doubt it’s going to become more and more apparent as people take different kinds of courses.

Think back to any class you took in school, university, or college: remember the best classes you had? What really stood out to you?

For me, it wasn’t *just* about the topic. It was actually primarily about the instructor!

A great instructor could take the most boring or challenging of topics and make it interesting and engaging for students.

Similarly, a poor instructor could take the most exciting and easy of topics and make it a struggle to pay attention to or do well in.

That’s why it’s worth not only looking at the course topic that you want, but who the instructor is!

Do they resonate with you? Do you enjoy their teaching methods and style (based on their free programs that you’ve tried)? Have you had results from their free content?

…because in that case, that business coach is probably a GREAT choice for you and your freelance business!

Is one-on-one or group coaching better for me? Find out everything you need to know about hiring a freelance business coach in this freelance tips article! Plus grab your FREE freelance tips cheat sheet.

There’s a big difference between group coaching and one-on-one coaching. Both can be awesome! It’s all about figuring out what YOU need right now.

Pros of group coaching:

  • Opportunity to collaborate and connect with fellow students experiencing similar struggles
  • Less expensive than one-on-one coaching
  • Access to general lessons that you may never have even had questions about but which could be a total game-changer for you
  • Variety of additional materials to supplement your learning
  • Lifetime access to future materials and lessons added to the progra

Pros of one-on-one coaching:

  • Increased accountability (and therefore an increased chance that you’ll actually take action on what you learn in the program)
  • Extremely personalized feedback
  • Concrete direction on how you personally should take your business
  • Less of a learning curve
  • More specific lessons and actions that are always directly relevant to you and your freelance business

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So there you have it! Now you know what a business coach for freelancers does, why you should have a freelance business coach, how to choose the right freelance business coach for YOU, and why you might want to choose group coaching or one-on-one coaching for your business.

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