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3 myths you probably believe about solopreneurship

3 myths you probably believe about solopreneurship

As an anti-hustle Productivity Strategist and Success Coach for solopreneurs, I see so many solopreneurs making the wrong assumptions about solopreneurship. I TOTALLY get why you might believe some of these myths — because they’re very widespread, and at first glance, they *appear* to be true. That’s why today I want to clear up some …

time management tips

Time Management Tips: 5 Steps to Reducing Business Overwhelm

When most students sign up for one of my freelancer programs, they often do so because they feel overwhelmed and they don’t know what they should focus on first, or what they should spend their time on. It’s hard to know how to manage your time well when you feel as though you’re being pulled …

business best friend

Why you NEED a Business Bestie

If there are only 3 things I have learned over my 8 years as a small business owner, it would be this:  No one will ever care about your business as much as you do—and therefore it’s up to YOU to do the work You will have so much more success if you focus on …