habits of a successful solopreneur

3 Habits of a Successful Solopreneur (What makes for a successful solopreneur series: part 1)

Wondering what makes for a successful solopreneur? In this series, we’ll go over successful solopreneurship! Starting with the habits of a successful solopreneur… 

This post was inspired after I published my last blog post, Solopreneur Business Model—Because there are way too many misconceptions about soloprenurship vs entrepreneurship, and because it can be HARD to go it alone when you’re a solopreneur!

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    Let’s dive in: Habits of a Successful Solopreneur…

    The successful solopreneur makes use of a few important habits. No, I’m not going to tell you that you need to use a particular time management method, or wake up at 5am every day, or anything like that. The successful solopreneur habits are universal and customizable. Today, let’s keep things simple with 3 invaluable habits of every successful solopreneur:

    Successful Solopreneur Habit #1: Curiosity

    Curiosity is about getting curious regarding what we want from our lives and our business. It’s about getting extremely clear and intentional on what we want, why this matters to us, and how we can make it happen. Curiosity encourages us to dig deeper, to be honest with ourselves, to take our ego out of the equation, to learn from our mistakes, and to keep striving for more. habits of a successful solopreneur

    When you make it a habit to practice curiosity, you’ll be better equipped to continually assess and pivot, to self-monitor your progress, to recognize when you need help and the best place to get it, and to be open to building a business that’s designed especially for you—rather than falling into that common trap of copy-and-pasting what you see other solopreneurs doing.

    (Spoiler alert: Just because it worked for them, does NOT mean it will necessarily work well for you).

    Successful Solopreneur Habit #2: Courageous confidence

    Courage ensures that we actually DO something with what we learn. We take strategic action on our curiosity. We are willing to face what we learn, and dig even deeper with our curiosity. Courageousness gets us out from behind a computer and into action!

    When you make it a habit to practice courage, you’ll see yourself—and your solopreneur business—achieving more of what you actually want, and faster and more successfully. You’ll stop saying, “Maybe next week… next month… next year,” and instead you’ll be able to proudly point to all of the incredible—and successful—action you’ve taken.

    Now, it’s important to recognize that courage without confidence leads to crickets! If you take courageous action without believing in yourself, you’re not going to see the successful results you desire. That’s where the confidence piece comes into play.

    ...And because you’ve already implemented the habit of curiosity, you’ll be able to be very honest with yourself about your strengths and your awesome skills, so your confidence comes from a legitimate position (This isn’t about taking ourselves up or blowing things out of proportion. It’s about recognizing our value and celebrating it!)

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      Successful Solopreneur Habit #3: Energy management

      Successful solopreneurs make a point of managing their energy. This is important, otherwise you’re pretty much doomed to succumb to burnout (or at the very least, overwhelm) at some point or another!

      Energy management is the foundation of good time management: What’s the point in saving time or managing your time effectively, if you’re too tired to make good use of that time or enjoy the extra time you save? 

      Therefore, energy management and productivity go hand in hand. When you learn to boost your energy, prevent energy detractors from draining you, and listen to your energy requirements from one moment to the next, you’ll be setting yourself up for successful solopreneurship. 

      When I’m talking about energy management, by the way, we’re approaching it through the lens of both physical and mental energy.

      For example, if you wake up exhausted in the morning, or if your brain is foggy throughout the work day and you can’t think clearly, or if you’re so tired at the end of the week that all you can do is flop on the couch in front of the TV, then you are 100% in need of better energy management techniques.

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