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Best solopreneur schedule (What Makes For A Successful Solopreneur series: part 2)

Wondering what makes for a successful solopreneur? In this series, we’ll go over successful solopreneurship! Today’s feature is all about the best solopreneur schedule… 

This series dispels common misconceptions about solopreneurship—because it can be HARD to go it alone when you’re a solopreneur! If you have any questions or requests for future articles in this What Makes For A Successful Solopreneur series, just email

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    Now let’s dive in: Best Solopreneur Schedule…

    Here’s what the best solopreneur schedule is NOT: 

    • Forcing yourself to wake up at 5am every day
    • Working on weekends when you wish you could spend the time with family instead
    • Squeezing work into every spare minute of the day
    • Working Monday to Friday, 9 - 5
    • Sticking to a rigid workday because that’s what everyone else does
    • Doing a 40-hour workweek

    The BEST solopreneur schedule is the one that’s right for your beautiful unique self, at THIS stage of your business journey, and that SUPPORTS your ideal lifestyle and personal life values & goals.

    "But Sagan, I CAN'T just choose any schedule, because..."

    "I have small kids at home."
    "There's still a global pandemic going on."
    "Everyone else works Monday to Friday, 9 to 5."
    "I'm SUPPOSED to work 40 hours every week."
    "This feels too indulgent... It's too good to be true."

    I get it. And I used to think that, too. But here's the truth: 

    If you keep working a schedule that doesn't work FOR you, you're going to be exhausted, burned out, and grumpy... You aren't going to produce high-quality work, you're going to miss deadlines, and you're going to feel as though you're constantly trying to catch up. best solopreneur schedule

    I bet you're already experiencing that, aren't you?

    Designing YOUR best solopreneur schedule actually HELPS your clients, your family, your community, your well-being, your productivity, your quality of work, and your creativity.

    The more that you design a schedule that works WITH your most creative & energetic times of day, and that enables you to improve your work/life balance, and that aligns with what you want most from your life... The more you'll be able to achieve, without the burnout or overwhelm.

    It's not true productivity without self-care.

    So… How can you determine what that looks like for you? Here are a few steps to take: 

    Step 1: Identify your most creative and energetic times of day.

    As I mentioned in my last blog post, energy management is the foundation of good time management. 

    What time of day, and days of the week, are you more creative and energized? What time of day (and days of the week) do you feel sluggish and tired? From there, what can you do to adjust your schedule and the types of tasks you work on to accommodate that?

    Step 2: Envision what your ideal lifestyle looks like.

    How many hours each day or week would you like to work? Are you more of an early bird or a night owl? What kind of boundaries would you love to have?

    Dream big!

    Step 3: Structure your business to support your ideal lifestyle, as well as your personal life values and goals. 

    This can involve creating a business departmental structure that accommodates your ideal schedule, setting up email responders, setting and communicating boundaries with clients and loved ones, planning in advance and getting ahead on your workload, and more!

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      The above is a very simplified step-by-step guide you can incorporate to begin outlining your best solopreneur schedule… 

      ...and while we’re at it, this is important to note:

      Designing your best schedule is NOT about missing deadlines or backing out of client commitments or producing low-quality work.

      → Instead, designing your best schedule IS about setting up *everything* in your business to best support you, so that you produce high quality work in a timely fashion AND have plenty of time and energy leftover to enjoy your freedom and flexibility to the fullest ✔

      • Do you want to enjoy 3-day weekends every week?
      • Do you want to enjoy a full week off work, every single month?
      • Do you want to be able to take unplanned, random days off in the middle of the workweek, just because?
      • Do you want to sleep in until 11am every day?
      • Do you want to take a 3-hour lunch break every day?

      Any of the above is possible! In fact… I—and my clients—have done exactly that. Even with small kids at home, nightmare disorder, anxiety, ADHD, juggling side hustle with 9 to 5 job, and throughout the pandemic. There are ways to make this possible regardless of your lifestyle challenges ♥ 

      The best solopreneur schedule is the best schedule that works for YOU, as a unique individual. 

      Take into account your lifestyle needs & desires, your business model, and your ideal schedule… and then craft your beautiful, BEST solopreneur schedule from there.

      Not quite sure how to do it? Nervous about trying something like this? Skeptical that you'll be able to achieve your dream schedule?

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