How to be a lifelong learner | 3 tips

3 tips for how to be a lifelong learner

You’re making progress on your personal development and self improvement journey, but at this point you’re wondering, “how do I MAINTAIN my progress? How can I ensure I’m optimizing for lifelong learning, developing my self leadership skills, and continuing to step more deeply into my personal power?”

If you want to be the BEST version of yourself, it’s time to optimize for lifelong learning… In my previous video, I mentioned the importance of getting curious WITHOUT holding onto any judgment, so in THIS video, we’ll explore 3 best practices for how to do exactly that!

Best practice #1: Self leadership. 

How are you leading yourself? Are you actively making your own choices, or are you allowing choices to be made for you? Are you practicing critical thinking skills and staying true to yourself? Do you know what inspires and motivates you?

Do you KNOW yourself? And are you willing to know yourself more deeply, because there’s ALWAYS more that you can do to deepen your connection with yourself…

This includes self honesty, and a balance where you are being very realistic about yourself — not giving into ego OR imposter syndrome, but recognizing what you are truly great at, AND where there’s room for improvement.

Self honesty also goes hand in hand with self trust — they support one another, so you’ll want to develop both of those skills simultaneously.

Best practice #2: Compassionately challenging yourself.

I do NOT believe in tough love, but I DO believe in compassionately challenging yourself! Here’s the difference and why this matters…

“Tough love” can be devoid of compassion. “Tough love” puts the *tough* first, whereas being “compassionately challenging” puts the *compassion* first.

Being “compassionately challenging” invites you to ELEVATE (yourself or others)... There is value, usefulness, inspiration, motivation, kindness and a levelling-up in being *compassionately challenging* — but none of that inherently exists in *tough love*.

Tough love is not the way. Compassionately challenging oneself IS! 

As a Personal Fulfillment Coach, I compassionately challenge my clients. I’m not going to “tough love” you — the compassion comes first, and then (if and when appropriate, which it most often is — but not always!), the challenge (which comes in varying degrees/levels, and which looks different for every person and circumstance)

And most often? The challenges I’m going to present to you are to be more accepting and loving of yourself… some of my most favourite coaching moments are the breakthroughs my clients have, when they see themselves the way I see them; when they show love and kindness to themselves, when they forgive themselves and are true to themselves.

Nowhere in that is it me *pushing* or *forcing* a client to do this vs that.

Nowhere in that is me being *hard* or *tough* on a client.

It’s about guiding you, supporting you, encouraging you, helping you, compassionately challenging you with radical self acknowledgement, self recognition, self acceptance, self compassion, self love.

THAT is what we do in our coaching sessions. THIS is the transformative power of personal fulfillment coaching.

If you want to experience that for yourself, definitely book your coaching sessions today:

Best practice #3: Intentionality.

  • What are you choosing to learn, and why are you choosing to pursue this path instead of that one?
  • How are you going to approach it to maximize your results?
  • What will you do to test your comprehension?
  • What ways will you measure and track your progress?

These are all really useful questions to ask yourself so you can set strategic, thoughtful goals and milestones for yourself and continue along the way.

This ALSO involves allowing yourself to pivot and explore new paths — because as you grow and change, so too will your personal development and self improvement journey, which means the learning you do along the way will evolve and expand.

And bringing it back to our previous best practices of self leadership and compassionately challenging yourself… Do you know what you genuinely want in this world, and do you have a plan of action to get yourself there, through encouragement and self compassion and challenging yourself in an invigorating way that excites you? 

All 3 of these practices — self leadership, compassionately challenging yourself, and intentionality — contribute to having that judgment-free curiosity and optimizing your personal development and self improvement journey for lifelong learning and long-lasting transformations!

Where to go from here...

Now, if you love all of this but you still find that it’s way easier to THINK about it and PLAN what you’re going to do, but taking ACTION and changing your HABITS is a lot more difficult than you’d like it to be… then you’ll want to stay tuned for my next video! We’re going to dig into WHY it is that you’re struggling to change your behaviours, and what to do instead to be the person you want to become. 

And in the meantime, you are so READY to put into practice what we went over in today’s video! Get started TODAY on this. You and I will work on all of this together in personal fulfillment coaching sessions — book your spot today, and I will see you at our coaching call for the next level up in your personal development and self improvement journey: