How to overcome perfectionism

How to Overcome Perfectionism

Do you define yourself as a perfectionist? Are you tired of perfectionism getting in the way? If you’re wondering how to overcome perfectionism, I did a quick mini coaching session for Ultimate Bundles (where I’m the featured guest expert for the month of May)... and I wanted to share these perfectionism tips with you, too!

This video training was in response to a solopreneur’s comment in that group. They said:

"I'm researching ad nauseam how to do something, because I'm more committed to doing it right than I am in having the results of it."

Are you feeling that way, too?

Do you tend to fall into the trap of being stuck in “learning” or “planning” mode, and do you find it challenging to shift gears so you can be more action-oriented?

That is totally normal.

We’re going to address your perfectionism problems so you can learn how to overcome perfectionism in this impromptu coaching session—watch the video for mindset strategies and actionable tips:

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    Show Notes:

    • 1:30 — Questions to get curious about and start asking yourself if you’re stuck in perfectionism mode how to overcome perfectionism
    • 2:40 — The #1 mistake that EVERY perfectionist makes
    • 3:30 — Two reasons why you might be more focused on “doing it right” than you are committed to the results
    • 4:10 — Why you are holding onto that badge of “perfectionism”?
    • 4:55 — Why it’s not helping you to strive for perfectionism
    • 5:30 — The information that you can derive from the “perfectionist” label, why it’s actually a mislabel, and what’s really going on
    • 6:30 — Important questions you MUST ask yourself when you’re trying to overcome perfectionism
    • 7:00 — An alternative approach to view perfectionism
    • 8:00 — Why perfectionism can be so challenging and difficult to unpack (and how it’s different from one person to the next, and one scenario to the next)
    • 8:40 — How to know that this is a surface-level issue and that you need to dig deeper with your perfectionist problems

    Discover your solopreneur archetype!

    FREE video training for you...

      We respect your privacy. Unsubscribe at any time.

      Are you struggling with perfectionism as a solopreneur?

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