best resource for solopreneurs

Best resource for solopreneurs

The best resource for solopreneurs (in my opinion, *and also* based on the rave reviews I’ve received) is Productivity Powerhouse: my signature anti-hustle e-course designed especially for solopreneurs to build a lifestyle business, save 10 hours/week (every week), get back your energy, and take major strides on your ambitious business goals while still prioritizing your personal lifestyle.

Sound good? Watch this video for all the details on what this BEST resource for solopreneurs can do for YOU! 

Are you a solopreneur who wants to upgrade your productivity and organizational skills, design a genuine LIFESTYLE business so that your business fully supports your lifestyle wants and needs, get more done in less time without burnout or overwhelm, AND make awesome progress on your business goals WITHOUT sacrificing your personal life values and and vision?

Then you are in the right place!

Today I am delighted to announce that I have made an important change to my signature e-course, Productivity Powerhouse — which, by the way, is designed to do all those things that I just mentioned… 

INTRODUCING: Tiered options for Productivity Powerhouse!

(Again, Productivity Powerhouse is my signature anti-hustle e-course, designed especially for solopreneurs to save 10 hours/week *while also* increasing your energy, enjoying healthy work/life balance, and making awesome progress on your business goals)

Here are the types of things you’ve been telling me:

“I want more time and energy, BUT I don’t need help with getting clients or quitting my 9 to 5 job… so I don’t need the bonus business resources or access to the product suite that's included in Productivity Powerhouse.”

“I know Productivity Powerhouse can help me, BUT my budget doesn’t have room for a $1,997 program.”

“I’m interested in following the Productivity Powerhouse core curriculum and doing everything completely DIY and self-paced, BUT I don’t care about the extra bonus ‘bells & whistles.’ I just want the core curriculum.”

...You ask, I deliver!

In this video, I want to share with you the NEW tiered options with Productivity Powerhouse.

Because I've been listening to what you've been telling me. And as a result, I created a new tiered system for Productivity Powerhouse to accommodate all of these things — so that if you don't need certain aspects of Productivity Powerhouse, you no longer need to pay for those aspects! 

If you don't have a budget for the $2,000 program, now there's a tier for Productivity Powerhouse that is much more accessible to a broader range of budgets. 

Now, before we get into what these three tiers look like when you join Productivity Powerhouse, I want to answer this question: “What exactly IS Productivity Powerhouse?”

Maybe this is the first video you've ever seen from me (my name is Sagan — hello!) And maybe even if you've been around for a while, you're like, “Refresh my memory! What exactly is Productivity Powerhouse again? Why should I care about this e-course and these new tiered options?” 

Great questions. 

What is Productivity Powerhouse?

Productivity Powerhouse is an e-course that focuses on all aspects of solopreneurship: personal fulfillment alongside professional excellence. This is designed to be the #1 resource for solopreneurs. 

Productivity Powerhouse is a simple, effective and proven process to get back your time and energy, to design a business that works for you and is fully customized to your needs, and so you can take enjoyable action to make really good progress on your goals without “working harder” or working longer hours. We want to free up your time and we will also increase your energy. 

We're not just doing everything a lot faster and you're getting burned out along the way — nope! Instead, we're doing everything much faster, much more efficiently, while also increasing your stores of energy. It is so, so cool! 

productivity powerhouse

Who is this program right for, and why is it the best resource for solopreneurs?

This program is perfect for you if you care deeply about the work that you do, but you don't want to have to sacrifice your personal life in order to produce high quality work or in order to achieve your business goals. 

When you join Productivity Powerhouse, you will design a genuine lifestyle business so that your business model and structure and systems and processes and strategies are personalized, are customized, to fully support your personal values and goals, vision, lifestyle wants and needs your unique brain, your personality, your learning style, all of these pieces. 

And again, you will learn how to save 10 hours a week, every week, without the overwhelm or the burnout. So this is really about enabling you to achieve the goals that you desire without making a bunch of personal life sacrifices. You get to prioritize both your business AND your life! Does all of that sound good to you? I will show you how to do it — it is all in Productivity Powerhouse. 

If you love that idea, if you want all of these things, then Productivity Powerhouse is perfect for you. And again, we have a new tiered system with three different tiered options to suit your needs. 

About the NEW Productivity Powerhouse tiered options (to suit your unique solopreneur wants and needs)

Here are the tiered options of Productivity Powerhouse… 

Productivity Powerhouse tiers

Productivity Powerhouse PLATINUM Package (all the bells & whistles with extra educational trainings)

The Platinum Package is perfect for you if you want everything necessary for your solopreneur business. It includes everything you could possibly want! 

Are you new to solopreneurship? Or, do you simply love learning new skills? Because the Platinum Package includes the core curriculum of Productivity Powerhouse, plus our monthly live group calls (which are the Solopreneur Diary Entries: Premium Edition), and you also get a backstage pass to our entire product suite of 12 e-courses on topics such as business planning, pitching clients, creating irresistible product offers, quitting your day job within 90 days, and more. You also get meditations and Emotional Freedom Techniques (which is psychological acupressure; it's these tapping sessions that accompany each of the nine steps of the core curriculum, so they're a really lovely supplement to it). 

So that is the Platinum Package. It has all the bells and whistles, everything you could possibly want. If you love having access to absolutely everything, the Platinum Package is perfect for you. 

You can get it for a single payment of $1,997 or three monthly payments of $667. 

Productivity Powerhouse DIAMOND Package

Now, if you're looking at the Platinum Package and you're thinking, “Okay, I don't know if I necessarily need 12 different e-courses on top of the Productivity Powerhouse curriculum,” then the Diamond Package might be a better fit for you. 

The Diamond Package is perfect for you if you want ongoing accountability and behind the scenes, real life real time examples of all of this work in action. 

So, do you get inspired by seeing what other people are doing in their businesses? Are you the kind of person who loves a little extra accountability and motivation and support? 

The Diamond Package includes the core curriculum for Productivity Powerhouse, PLUS you get the monthly live group calls (which again are the “Premium Edition” of the Solopreneur Diary Entries) — and during those monthly calls, I share behind the scenes real life real time examples of using Productivity Powerhouse anti-hustle methods in all aspects of my own life and business. You get these on an ongoing basis every single month; we do a new topic each month.

The Diamond Package is a really good option for you if you like having that extra motivation, inspiration and accountability and that kind of thing. 

You can get the Diamond Package for a single payment of $1,197 or three monthly payments of $399. 

Productivity Powerhouse GOLD Package

Now, maybe you're thinking, “That sounds great, but I don't necessarily want to get that kind of thing. I don't really need accountability, I don't need the extra motivation. I am interested in the core concept of Productivity Powerhouse; I only want the core curriculum and framework.” 

In that case, the Gold Package will be perfect for you! The Gold Package is perfect if you want the basics, the robust core curriculum of Productivity Powerhouse without any of the bells and whistles. 

Do you prefer to do things on your own? Are you a self led, self paced DIY kind of solopreneur? 

In that case, the Gold Package includes the core curriculum of Productivity Powerhouse so that you can keep your head down and focus on taking action on the core promise of our program — which is to save 10 hours/week while increasing your energy and designing a true lifestyle business. 

That is all yours for a single payment of just $997 or three monthly payments of $337. 

There you have it! Those are the three tiers to suit your needs as a solopreneur: the Gold Package, the Diamond Package, and the Platinum Package. 

Which tier is best for you?

Are you wondering, “But which one of these tiers is right for me?” 

In that case: I typically recommend the Diamond Package for the vast majority of solopreneurs — it is probably going to be the best fit for you. If you’re not sure which tier to go with, choose the Diamond Package!

And you can also always start at either the Gold Package or the Diamond Package, and then you can upgrade to the next tier after the fact. So if you just want to check out the core curriculum for the time being, but you're curious about what some of the live calls could look like, you can absolutely start with the Gold Package now and then you can upgrade to the Diamond Package later on. 

Or if you really want access to the monthly live calls, which again, I would strongly recommend, then you can actually get the Diamond Package now and then further on down the line if you're thinking to yourself, “I would love access to these additional resources, those solopreneur e-courses,” then you can absolutely upgrade to the Platinum Package at that point down the line in the future. 

So there we have it!

Why I am offering these new tiers…

Now let me be very clear here: these new tiered options, this new tiered system that I am introducing for you, is NOT a discount.

Instead, this is an opportunity for you to get the right package, the right elements of Productivity Powerhouse, to suit your needs. 

This gives you an option to access the core curriculum at a lower rate without any of the bells and whistles 

This is not a discount, it is a new tiered system! 

The purpose is to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want and what you need. So if you don't need the extras and you're not going to use them, then I don't want you to pay for them. 

There's no point in you paying for the things you're not going to use or you don’t need. 

And again, you can always upgrade your tier to the next level at any time. 

What happens when you join Productivity Powerhouse?

Here’s what happens when you join this program:

1) You purchase your preferred tier.

This is the Gold Package, the Diamond Package, or the Platinum Package.

2) You get immediate access to the core curriculum of Productivity Powerhouse.

All the lessons are available for you in accessible formats, so you get them as videos, as word for word transcripts, and as audio recordings, AND you can begin the program immediately.

You go at your own pace on our Teachable e-course platform and you get access to everything immediately — so you can go through the entire program within the first day of joining, or you could decide you're going to start out with one lesson at a time each day or each week. You can absolutely go at your own pace. You get access to the entire curriculum immediately upon joining so you can get started with all of this today, right now, this second.

3) If you purchase the Diamond or the Platinum Packages, you will get access to your bonus goodies within one to two business days.

This is something that I do manually for you (so I really appreciate your patience!).

You will get immediate access to the program when that happens. That's all automated and then you will get access, if you purchase the Diamond or the Platinum Packages, you'll get access to the monthly live group calls and the additional e courses within a couple of days. 

You can start and finish Productivity Powerhouse whenever you want. You get lifetime access to everything in the program. 

Productivity Powerhouse is also structured so that you can begin getting immediate results AND so that you can make really great tangible progress regardless of how much time you have available to put toward it. In fact, solopreneurs rave about the program even after doing just the first lesson in the curriculum. That is because Productivity Powerhouse is designed to give you back your time and your energy and experience the result that you desire, so you truly can see immediate changes and there's also this long lasting change that happens. 

We want you to be able to get those immediate results that are also very long lasting, and they also build on top of one another. 

Does Productivity Powerhouse help you implement and take ACTION on what you’re learning in the program?

It's very important to implement what you learn — it's not just about watching the videos and suddenly there's all kinds of changes! Things aren't necessarily going to change dramatically just from watching the video lessons. You do need to take action on what you are learning. best resource for solopreneurs

(...However, I have heard from some people in the program, they have told me that they do experience results simply from what they learned in the lessons because it gives them a new perspective on things! So they are experiencing mindset shifts simply by watching the lessons or by reading the transcripts, which is so cool.) 

You will get the best possible results by implementing the work; it's not just about watching the videos, it's also about doing the work. And Productivity Powerhouse is designed to make it very easy for you to take action: 

Everything is organized so that it is very straightforward and simple for you to know exactly what to do, when to do it, how long the action steps will take you, etc. We have flowcharts and checklists and everything that you need to really keep you on track, so you never have to wonder about what you should do next, or what actions to take, or how to go about implementing everything. 

The Productivity Powerhouse curriculum is also up to make it as simple and easy as possible for you to get the best experience and the fastest results. 

So I am so delighted to offer this to you, Productivity Powerhouse in general but also this new tiered system to really make it more accessible for you! 

I know that this has been exactly what you have been wanting because you've been telling me that you've been wanting this. I'm really looking forward to seeing the incredible results that you get when you join today! Get started *right now* with freeing up more time and energy, and enjoy your desired work/life balance while achieving your business goals. 

“I know Productivity Powerhouse can benefit me, but the timing isn’t right.”

Are you thinking to yourself, “This program sounds awesome. I know that I can benefit from it. I know it can help me… but the timing isn't quite right.”

If that is what you have been thinking, then I want you to know that THIS is your moment. 

THIS is what you have been waiting for. 

…And because the Productivity Powerhouse program is specifically designed to free up your time and to get you those really fast results, it is absolutely doable for you to start now — even though you've got a lot of other things on your plate. 

I know how busy you are. I know how hectic your life and your business are. I know how stressed out you are. 

And I know that you're probably thinking, “I just need another week, another month, another year, and then I'll be ready” — in that case, I want you to know that Productivity Powerhouse is designed for YOU. 

It is designed for you if you are feeling like you have so much on your plate, if you feel like “after next week, things will be less busy. The timing isn't quite right at this point. Soon the timing will be right,” — If that is what you were thinking, then you need Productivity Powerhouse NOW. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, not next year. 

You need it now because it is designed for you to get your time back. It is designed to help you so that you don't have to keep on saying “Next week, next week, next week.” All those weeks or months turn into years, don’t they? 

Productivity Powerhouse gives you back your time and your energy

What we are going to do, when you join Productivity Powerhouse, is to actually make your life and your business feel so much easier. We are going to remove things from your plate. We are going to decrease your overwhelm, and we are going to improve your clarity and your focus when you join Productivity Powerhouse. 

It doesn't need to be such a challenge anymore. 

So let's get started right now. Today. I am so looking forward to seeing all the amazing changes that you are going to make! I will see you on the inside.