solopreneur roi audit

Solopreneur ROI Audit (simple 6-question assessment)

When you are choosing to spend your time, energy, money, etc on ANY type of task or idea, any goal or plan...

Do you know what the ROI (return on investment) is for that thing?

Knowing the ROI is important because it can help you determine whether it's **worth it** to do that thing or not — or if there's something else that would be a better use of your time/energy/money etc.

You can do a simple ROI audit for basically ANYTHING in your solopreneur business!

Here's how it works:

Take anything that's on your mind or your to-do list, and plug it into this simple assessment...

  1. What is your desired ROI with that thing? (AKA, what do you hope and/or expect to get from it)?
  2. Is that desired outcome worth the time/energy/monetary investment you intend to give?
  3. If you do NOT do this thing, how does it affect you?
  4. What would make it worth it to you? (You might realize at this point that the thing isn't worth it to you, in which case, you can end the assessment here!)
  5. What happens if you do NOT get that thing? (In other words, is the chance of getting your desired ROI worth more to you than the possibility of NOT getting your desired ROI?)
  6. What needs to happen, or to change, or to do more research into, in order to improve the ROI on this thing?

Doing this simple ROI audit helps relieve some of the unnecessary "busy work" you might be doing right now, AND it also helps to relieve any FOMO you might be experiencing!

Anyway, I'm sharing it with you today because I was using this ROI audit while I was applying some Productivity Powerhouse methods to my own business, and I wanted you to benefit, too 🙂

(Productivity Powerhouse is my signature anti-hustle e-course designed especially for solopreneurs to take back your time/energy, attain personal fulfilment and professional excellence, get clear and focused on your goals, and become a motivated action-taker. I use the Productivity Powerhouse methods every day in my own life and business!)

And while we're on the subject of ROI and Productivity Powerhouse...

Let's plug Productivity Powerhouse into the above ROI audit so you can see how this works:

1) What's your desired ROI?

Put simply, Productivity Powerhouse gives you more time, energy, confidence, productivity, organization, joy in your work, better boundaries and communication, and improved work/life balance.

Typical results = saving 6 - 8 hours/week (and a number of people save 10+ hours/week), along with increased energy to use that time however you please!

2) What's your investment?

This e-course is a one-time payment of $1,197.

Even if you ONLY saved 4 hours/week in Productivity Powerhouse, (which, as mentioned above, would be very low) and if you didn't get ANYTHING else from the above Desired ROI — and I KNOW that you'll get at least *some* of the above! — you'd still save 208 hours in the first year alone.

(Productivity Powerhouse compounds interest: You continue to save that time, PLUS MORE as you fine-tune your skills, for years to come. You can imagine how many hours have been freed up by those solopreneurs who joined the program when I first launched it in 2019!!)

So the question is this: Is 200+ hours of your time worth $1,197?

If you value your time at more than $6/hour — which I KNOW that you do — then YES, it is worth it!

3) What happens if you don't get Productivity Powerhouse?

You'll be exactly where you are right now.

...and that may include feeling tired, overwhelmed, scattered, frustrated, burned out, over-worked, reactive rather than proactive, always scrambling to put out fires, not making the progress you want on your goals, etc.

4) What makes Productivity Powerhouse worth it to you?

Is your time and energy worth it? Is enjoying your business, creating higher-quality work, having better work/life balance, worth it?

Productivity Powerhouse does this for you.

5) What happens if you DON'T get your desired ROI?

Even if you don't get all of your desired ROI, you'll still be better off than where you are if you're currently spinning your wheels and overwhelmed!

(And also, this blog post answers this exact question for you.)

6) What can you do to *guarantee* your results with Productivity Powerhouse?

If you have ANY questions, hit reply and let me know!

But otherwise, I want you to know that I've designed Productivity Powerhouse so that it dramatically increases your chances of success — the curriculum is robust, featuring a variety of tools to keep you accountable depending on your learning style and how your brain works, and it is extremely step-by-step... it's fully customizable so that you can make it work best for YOU.

So! What do you think? Ready to experience this kind of ROI?