Why you STILL don’t have the work/life balance you desire (...even when you have total control over your schedule as a business owner)

Why you still don’t have the work/life balance you desire (even when you have total control over your schedule as a business owner)

You started your solopreneur business to enjoy more freedom, more flexibility, more control over your own schedule… 

You wanted to be a business owner so that you could spend more time doing the type of work you’re passionate about, with awesome clients/customers who you care about, and so that you’d stop feeling miserable at your old 9 to 5 job that ran you into the ground…

You love the idea of being able to be more present and available for your loved ones, to give back to your community, to kick back and read a great novel (without feeling guilty about taking time off work), to work fewer hours each week (while still serving your clients/customers fully!) AND have plenty of energy to truly enjoy those extra hours you save…

You used to dream about being able to use your business to fully support your personal lifestyle, so you could make time for loved ones and non-business activities (Remember when you used to enjoy hobbies?!)...

…But for some frustrating reason, you just can’t seem to get the work/life balance you’ve always desired.

…And you feel like you’re working harder than ever, longer hours than ever, without any way out of the cycle — You’ve been saying, “After next week, things will calm down!” every single week for the past 3 months.

…And you’re just starting to feel burned out, exhausted, overwhelmed, overworked, and frustrated that you don’t get to enjoy life and business the way you thought you would. (There are WAY too many aspects of your business that aren’t fun for you at all)

…You’re even thinking that maybe this is just the reality for every business owner. That there’s no other option — This is just “how it is”  and you’re stuck with it.

Does that sound familiar? 

I hear you. I’ve been exactly where you are right now — and my clients have been where you are, too!

Here’s the good news: It doesn’t need to keep being that way. At all. 

The first step to FIXING this issue is to pinpoint what’s going wrong in your business, so let’s go over that now…

These are your real problems (AKA the reasons why you’re STILL struggling to enjoy healthy work life balance): 

Problem #1: You don’t have (the right) strong foundations in your business. 

When you don’t have powerful strategies, structures, systems, processes, etc set up for your business, you’re going to feel stuck and disempowered. You’ll be constantly reinventing the wheel, making mistakes, feeling scattered, putting out fires, and dealing with unexpected issues.

The good news: Strong foundations — when done strategically and fully customized to your unique situation — aren’t difficult to put in place. It’s about knowing exactly what foundations you need, how to customize those strategies to your business and wants/needs, and the best practices for making great use of those foundations.

This is exactly what I teach my clients how to do.

The even better news: When you get those strong, strategic, customized foundations in place, you’ll be able to anticipate future issues before they spiral out of control.

Psst… What I teach my clients is a powerful method to essentially be able to have a “crystal ball” for your business where you can foresee those mistakes before you make them. It’s not magic (although it sure feels like it!) — it’s all strategy and practical productivity tools.

Problem #2: You built your business backwards.

This is a very common problem that the vast majority of business owners make — Everyone told you to hustle hard, that you need to do XYZ with your business model, “just copy and paste this template,” etc, right? Why you STILL don’t have the work/life balance you desire (...even when you have total control over your schedule as a business owner)

…But in that case, your business has NOT been built with your personal life (wants, needs, lifestyle, etc) in mind. 

…So you basically live to work, and now you’re wondering why you can never seem to put family first; your business demands all of your time and energy. 


The good news: As a business owner, you are the boss of your own life and business. You get to call the shots! You get to design a business that fully supports your personal values, goals, and ideal lifestyle. And just because your business isn’t currently set up that way, you have the power and ability to change it. 

This is exactly what I teach my clients how to do.

The even better news: You don’t need to burn your entire business down in order to make room for this. There can be a lot of power in subtle shifts when they are the right shifts for you and your needs — and when done correctly, it can actually pave the way for better relationships with your customers/clients, too. Win-win!

Pssst… When I work 1:1 with my clients, we analyze where they’re currently at, where they want to be, and fill in the gaps to design an incredible lifestyle business that feels fantastic for them. 

Problem #3: You’re stuck in the “hustle and grind” mindset.

When you feel guilty about taking time off work, when you’re suspicious of achieving business success after taking a break from working, when you’re forcing yourself to work evenings and weekends (but not doing it because you genuinely enjoy it), those are all indicators that you’re stuck in hustle mode — and it’s caging you in, preventing you from living the life you desire.

It’s also preventing you from having the business success you desire.

The good news: You don’t need to hustle and grind 24/7 in order to make progress on your business. In fact… When you make use of anti-hustle methodologies, you actually make MORE progress, FASTER, and get BETTER results, while INCREASING the time and energy available to you. Yes please!

This is exactly what I teach my clients how to do!

The even better news: Shifting out of the “hustle” mindset *and* incorporating powerful techniques that free up your time and energy is much easier and simpler than you might think.

When I work 1:1 with clients, they’ve experienced radical mindset shifts (and awesome epiphanies/breakthroughs) within as short a time as 3 minutes on our coaching calls (seriously), and they’ve made small, subtle yet powerful shifts that have been total game-changers for their work/life balance within as short a time as 3 days.

Psst… My work with clients is always about bridging the gap between professional success and personal fulfilment. It is NEVER either/or… it IS both/and! We ensure that you are making great progress on achieving your lofty goals while also feeling fantastic on a personal level, enjoying yourself along the journey, and creating space for the lifestyle of your dreams.

I want you to know that none of these problems are your “fault.” Many other business owners have made these mistakes before you, and many other business owners will make these mistakes after you, too!

But now that you know what mistakes you’re making — and the reasons why you’re currently failing at achieving the work/life balance you truly desire as a business owner — this is your chance to finally change what you’re doing, address those problems once and for all, and FIX the issue, so you can enjoy the work/life balance you’ve been dreaming about!

We do this TOGETHER in Solopreneur CEO, my 6-month 1:1 coaching & mentorship program: 

…Or you can DIY it with Productivity Powerhouse, my signature anti-hustle e-course!

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