From stuck in indecision... to clear and confident

From stuck in indecision to clear and confident

Are you tired of feeling STUCK and indecisive? Would you love to be able to improve your clarity and confidence, work faster and more productively, save time (and headaches), and make REAL, long-lasting change as a solopreneur?

You're in luck! Bailey from The Writing Desk felt the same way — that's when she joined my anti-hustle e-course, Productivity Powerhouse... and today, she's generously sharing her story and experience with all of us!

Let's dive in and hear what Bailey has to say...

Tell us a little about your life and work, and where you were at before you joined Productivity Powerhouse:

freelancer case studyI run The Writing Desk, where I help businesses and writers tell stories that matter. I provide writing and editing services for businesses in education, finance, and technology and work one-on-one with authors as a developmental editor and coach. I started The Writing Desk in 2021 after completing a PhD in rhetoric and writing studies, and I have over a decade of freelance writing and editing experience.

My business is just me—marketing, operations, finance, development, all of it.

I was already fairly confident in my time management and productivity skills, but I know there's always more to learn and I really wanted to try out some strategies that could help take me to the next level.

What were your concerns with productivity and time management before taking this program? What was your goal or project that you wanted to achieve when you joined Productivity Powerhouse?

The main concern I had before starting the program wasn't so much day-to-day productivity, but longer-term business planning and development. I want to set myself up for sustainable productivity over time, slow but healthy business growth, and a work life that leaves plenty of time for the rest of my life.

I also have a tendency toward overwork that I am always trying to keep in check!

I would love to feel a greater sense of control over my time, be more confident about prioritizing the different branches of my business, and develop some systems that reduce my mental load...

I am excited to take back control over my time and spend it in a way that feels more aligned with work that feeds my soul. I'm also excited to finish my days and not feel completely tapped out!

Did you achieve what you set out to accomplish with Productivity Powerhouse?

Productivity Powerhouse is practical, useful, and effective—I got out of it what I put into it, which has been quite a lot!

The program gave me the tools I needed to make some powerful long-term decisions about my business and how I want to run it. I felt confident in developing a business plan for the whole of 2023—and breaking it down into quarterly, monthly, and even weekly sub-goals in some cases! Productivity Powerhouse has helped me think much more strategically about what type of tasks I need to be working on, when, and why.

Going through the program got me to clarify my business values and desires in a way that is helping me make more focused decisions for both the short- and long-term. This is saving me a ton of time (and headaches).

From stuck in indecision... to clear and confidentAs a result of Productivity Powerhouse, I now have a detailed business plan that I feel confident about. Before, I was spending way too much time stuck in indecision about how I wanted to run my business, what I wanted to focus on, and what my goals should be. I was losing time that I could have spent securing more clients, improving my skills, and completing projects for my existing clients.

Now, I have a better sense of what my business goals are—and all the goals I'm working towards are clearly defined and within my control. That means any time a new opportunity arises, it's easy for me to see whether or not it fits with my long-term plans (and whether or not I should jump on it or pass it on to another writer or editor in my network—something I'm doing frequently these days as my client list grows!).

I'm more confident in how I help my clients and I'm doing better work even faster than before.

How much time have you saved each week?

Time tracking saved me countless hours... this helped me figure out that one part of my business was taking up a lot of time, not returning a lot of profit, and causing a LOT of headaches—so I cut out that project type entirely.

My daily lists probably saves me an hour or more of time each week that I would otherwise waste trying to figure out "what to do next." Batching tasks probably saves me another hour or two each week.

What did you learn about yourself as a result of Productivity Powerhouse?

I learned a lot about what I actually want from the business I've built and how to set myself up to get that outcome.

I have greater insights into my business systems, my own learning styles, and how I can deliver the best results possible for the organizations and writers who choose to work with me.

I am feeling even more confident in my business decisions than I was before—I'm making better strategic choices and have the systems and tools to support myself and my clients.

Would you recommend Productivity Powerhouse to someone else, and if so, what should they know about this program if they are thinking about joining?

I 100% recommend Productivity Powerhouse!

Any time I sign up for a course, I worry that it'll be the same basic advice you can get for free anywhere—that wasn't the case here.

The videos, workbook, and other supporting resources dive deep into meaningful topics and provide actual, useful information for making real change. I love the companion workbook—having space to reflect on the concepts, answer focused questions, and try out ideas has been really helpful!

If you are thinking about joining, I would say go for it—but be ready to put in the work. The information and resources you need are all here, you just have to be willing to put them into action. I'd also say that this is the program for anyone who is sick of hustle culture and who wants to think about productivity in a healthier and more sustainable fashion.

Sagan is accessible, encouraging, and effective—the videos feel like a conversation with a business friend (rather than a lecture).

I really enjoyed Productivity Powerhouse and look forward to using and revisiting the strategies I learned over the long-term!

Thank you so much, Bailey, for sharing your story with all of us!

Are YOU feeling stuck and struggling with indecision?

Would you like to improve clarity and confidence, save time and headaches, and do better work faster than ever before?

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