“I get to” vs. “I have to”

get to vs have to

I’m in Vancouver right now!

Today I want to leave you with this question:

What do you *get to* do today?

When I came across the article How to Quit Being Overwhelmed For Good a few days ago, the concepts in the article really resonated with me. I’ve had an issue with the word “busy” for years (and still struggle with trying to avoid using it!), but what this article really got me thinking about was the idea that if we change how we frame the way we look at things, we can change our attitudes toward those things.

We’ve discussed on the blog here before about how the words we use can influence our perspective on life. By changing how we frame things, we can completely shift the way we look at things—and be happier, healthier, and more productive because of it.

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Leading up to coming to Vancouver, there were a couple days when I was a little frazzled. I have to finish this client work. I have to prep these social media posts. I have to run those errands. I have to meet my deadlines.

After I read this article last week, I decided to change the words I was using internally. I get to finish this client work. I get to prep these social media posts. I get to run those errands. I get to meet my deadlines before my trip!

I was blown away by how quickly I truly did feel happier and less overwhelmed! All it took was reminding myself that I love my work, that I love my life, that I adore the people I work with and the types of projects I get to do. It made the last few days leading up to my trip much more enjoyable, to look at everything as an opportunity and a choice.

When you get overwhelmed, or when you start feeling some anxiety that you will have difficulty finishing projects according to deadlines and so on, it’s easy to quickly lose sight of why we do what we do, and how we really feel about the work that we’re doing. By changing the words we use, we can remind ourselves of how much we enjoy our work, and be happier and more productive from there. I love that.

What do you *get to* do today? What words are you using to set yourself up for happiness (and productivity) this week? How are you changing the way you frame things? Share in the comments section below!


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