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What’s the difference between a business friend vs business coach?

It feels like overnight, EVERYONE on social media is looking for a business friend. I love it! It’s awesome that so many home-based business owners are realizing that they need the accountability that a business friend can bringNot sure if you need a business friend vs business coach? Learn the difference between a business friend and business coach, and how to figure out if (and when!) you need a freelance business coach for your small business. Click on over to learn all about it now!

A business best friend can do so much for your business (more of that in this article about the value of business friends)… BUT there are also some problems inherent with having casual business friends, compared to hiring a business coach to be your biz bestie.

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What are some of the differences between a business friend vs business coach?

  • Meetings will be a little more casual and informal with a business friend, whereas your conversations will be more structured with concrete plans of actions and practical takeaways with a business coach.
  • Feedback goes BOTH ways with a business friend (you are both listening to each other’s business struggles and wins, and making suggestions for the next course of action to take), whereas the focus is entirely on YOUR business with a business coach.
  • Too much time can pass by without checking in on each other’s businesses with your business friend (after all, sometimes life just gets in the way!), whereas you get a guarantee that someone will be there to check in on you regularly and keep you accountable and on track with a business coach.
  • Your business friend may have about the same amount of business experience as you, whereas a business coach brings considerable expertise and a more advanced perspective to the table.
  • Ideas may flow more organically from your hangouts with a business friend when you’re just hanging out and chatting about business, whereas there will be more opportunities to have strategic brainstorming sessions and get feedback on your work with a business coach. Learn all about the differences between business friend vs business coach, and which one YOU need to stay accountable with your freelance business. Click on over to get the freelance business tips now (plus grab your free cheat sheet on business coaching!)
  • There’s a chance that you might get way off topic when chatting with a business friend, whereas a business coach will help you to stay more on topic to ensure you get the most out of the session.
  • Feedback from a business friend may be more generalized or vague, whereas you can count on receiving concrete and constructive feedback from a business coach.

Why should you hire a business coach when you could just bounce ideas off of a business friend instead?

This is a really great question!

A business coach ISN’T necessary for everyone. You might be able to get by with just having a business friend!

However, a business coach can be a much better option than a business friend because…

1) You get that guarantee of receiving practical, constructive, and positive feedback, support, and direction for your business on a regular, consistent basis so as to ensure you make serious progress with your business.

2) A business coach has already been where you are. You don’t have to muddle through making a bunch of mistakes with your business—a business coach can make recommendations for how to avoid mistakes BEFORE you make them. Business friends might not have the background and expertise necessary to help you move forward.

3) When you have a structured arrangement where you are hiring someone to help you, it will enable YOU to take your business more seriously (super important!).

4) You don’t have to worry that your business friend is just being nice when they give you feedback—a business coach will always be honest with you (in a positive and encouraging way, of course!).

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Do you want to make a big change to your business (or finally START your business)?

Do you feel overwhelmed at the idea of doing everything on your own?

Do you need someone to give you that extra push to keep motivated?

Do you want to be able to ask questions, get feedback, and talk about all things business with someone as frequently as you like, without worrying about “pestering” them too much?

Do you feel that you would benefit from someone reviewing your work and making recommendations for improving upon it?

Do you need someone to tell you what steps to take at each stage along the way?

Those are all EXCELLENT signs that a business coach is the best option for you.

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If you really just want to occasionally hang out with someone and chat informally about your business, or if you want to connect with other people who are also at the same stage of business as you are, then a business friend would be the best option for you.

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