Here on the blog, we talk a lot about how to be successful with a freelancing business, and why freelancing might be a great choice for you.

What do you do when you think that perhaps freelancing is NOT right for you, after all? If you're unsure about whether making the leap to start your own business was right for you, ask yourself these 7 questions. Click on the article to determine whether or not you should continue as a freelancer! ~ small business tips ~ home-based small business ~ freelancing tip ~ freelance writing business ~

But… what if you start a freelancing business, and it’s not going quite as you planned, and you start wondering if maybe you should have stuck with a traditional 9—5 office job after all? What about when family members or former colleagues inevitably question whether you can actually pay the bills,

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This is SUCH a tough question. When you own your own business or you’re a freelancer, it can be challenging to assess when you’ve taken on too much work, and when you can still add more to your workload. How do you know when to say "no" to more work? This article explores the questions you NEED to think about BEFORE turning down work. Every freelancer, small business owner, and blogger should consider these questions when weighing whether turning down more work is the right choice for them. ~ freelancing tips ~ freelancer tips ~ business tips ~

Here are some questions you should ask yourself if you’re hesitant about whether or not you should turn down a project:

  • What’s your financial situation like? Can you afford to say “no”

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With my new book on The Business of Writing & Editing coming out in just a few weeks (squee!), I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the business of freelancing. Find out the 18 traits you need to be a freelancer in this article! Assess whether or not freelancing is right for YOU by considering these key things. * freelancer tips * freelancing tips * freelancer traits * freelancing traits * freelance business * freelancer writer *

I adore freelancing and it was one of the best choices I ever made. Of course, freelancing isn’t for everyone! But it might be for you. If you’re thinking about becoming a freelancer, these are some things to take into account before you make the leap: the 18 traits you need to be a freelancer.

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Last week I was at a potluck where some of the people I was enjoying dinner with, upon learning that one of the things I do as a freelance writer / editor is to manage social media for clients, began asking me how I go about marketing a business on Twitter.

People should know better than to ask me these kinds of questions and expect it to be left at that 😉 Naturally,

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National Novel Writing Month has come and gone… next comes the rewriting, and more rewriting, and yet more rewriting, until at last it will be time to send books off to editors!

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But before you do that, here are some DOs and DON’Ts to keep in mind if you are going to be working with a professional editor on your book:

  • DO understand what type of edit you’re looking for before connecting with an editor.

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***Launch team opportunity is now closed***

I’ve been working on a special project for many months now and I am SO delighted to finally announce it: I am launching a new freelance business book!


The Business of Writing & Editing: Practical Tips & Templates for New Freelancers is a step-by-step guide for planning, launching, and succeeding with your freelancing business. Business book for freelancers --- The Business of Writing & Editing: Practical Tips & Templates for New Freelancers. This book is a MUST-READ if you are thinking about becoming a freelancer! ::: freelance tips ::: freelancing tips ::: beginner freelancer

It covers all the things I’ve learned for what to do (and what NOT to do) to be a successful small business owner,

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In the last couple weeks, I’ve had a couple people tell me that they don’t *get* Instagram, and they don’t understand how to use hashtags on it. Clearly it’s time for a Q & A blog post about it!

Not quite sure how hashtags on Instagram work? Got questions about how to brand yourself using Instagram? This article will help! Get 8 questions & answers for how to best use social media for your brand (useful for bloggers, small business owners, freelancers) *** social media tips *** Instagram tips *** Instagram 101 *** hashtags 101 ***

Q: How should I use Instagram as a brand?

A: If you’re using Instagram for your personal use, it’s just all about taking and posting photos of anything you want.

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We are into Week 2 of NaNoWriMo! This is a time when the novelty might start to wear off for some writers. If you’ve been jumping around in your novel, like I have, instead of writing in a linear fashion, you might have already written your favourite scenes. Succeed at National Novel Writing Month with these writing tips! This article features 10 writing prompts for NaNoWriMo, or for any time you need a little extra boost for character development and story ideas. ~ NaNoWriMo ideas ~ best writing prompts ~ novel writing ideas ~ story writing prompts ~

…But you still have 2/3 of a novel to write!

That’s why NOW is the perfect time to engage in some writing prompts to get the creative juices flowing and meet that word count.

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On any given day, there is always so much work that I could be doing. It often comes down to what needs to be prioritized, or what I’m in the mood for—but I’m sure I could work 12 hours days, every day, and still have more things on my to-do lists.

That being said, even when there’s a lot of interesting and important work to do, sometimes it can be challenging to stay focused on our workload.

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If you’ve ever wished you were a little more productive in the morning, these tips will help you out! Simple tips to make for a more productive morning

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1. Prepare the night before.

Tidy up your workspace before you wrap up your workday. Make notes on your to-do list for the following morning so that you’ll be set to go when you wake up.

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Grab your checklist for preparing to work from home full-time

I absolutely love being a small business owner. It is the perfect thing for me!Is starting a small business right for YOU? Read this article to find out the top 4 questions you MUST ask yourself before launching your own business! ~ small business tips ~ being a small business owner ~

But that’s not to say that owning a business is right for everyone—and it’s not something you should just jump right into. It requires some careful thinking and assessment of your character.

Wondering if you should start your own business?
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Are you a social media manager? Or are you just trying to navigate the world of social media to promote your own small business or blog?Are you a social media manager, blogger, or small business owner? This social media management article is for you! You'll learn the top 2 tips for managing social media better. Never feel overwhelmed with social media again! Click on the link to find out how you can manage social media more easily starting right now. ~ social media tips ~ social media management ~ social media manager ~ blogging tip ~ blog tips ~

While there’s a lot of great information on the Internet detailing basic tips for how to manage social media, these two tips are meant to assist you with fine-tuning your social media management. When you keep these two ideas in mind,

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I love blogging. I’ve loved blogging right from when I first started blogging, nearly eight years ago. But I didn’t think it was something I could do for a living until I started the Elite Blog Academy last December.Do YOU have what it takes to be a professional blogger? Find out the top 5 things you need to have to be a professional blogger in this article! ~ blogging ~ blogger ~ blog tips ~ be a blogger ~ professional blogging ~

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Since then, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to be a professional blogger—besides a love for it,

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I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again: I am not the kind of person who can just walk up to someone and say, “hi, I’m Sagan and I’m a freelance editor / writer.”Click on the link to find out 5 tips to introduce yourself at a networking event! ~ business tips ~ networking tips~

It just feels so contrived! When it comes to networking effectively at events, unless someone asks you point-blank who you are and what you do, it can feel a little sales-y to introduce yourself that way.

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