“I’m worried that if I hire a coach, it won’t pay off.”

“I’ve heard horror stories about coaches who give you the same generic advice you can get from a podcast.”

“I don’t want to get into that situation with a sketchy ‘coach’ taking all my money and then telling me to post 5x a day on Instagram.”

“I’ve taken programs before that didn’t deliver on their promise… It’s disappointing when they don’t live up to the hype, and now I don’t know who to trust.”

“I’m very picky about what I pay for.

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We are in for a TREAT today! Earlier this month, one of my Solopreneur CEO clients — a freelance editor who’s had her business for 2.5-ish years — wrapped up her (first) 6 months in the program (she’s renewing for another 6 months in 2023!)…

…and she just submitted her case study, sharing all about her experience with the program to help YOU get an in-depth look at what you can expect when you join Solopreneur CEO, too!

This is such a great breakdown of what you can expect when you get this 6-month 1:1 coaching experience,

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Have you ever wondered how to do self-coaching in your life or business, or what self-coaching can DO for you as a solopreneur? Yesterday, I hosted a LIVE group call and shared *behind the scenes* about how I use self-coaching every single week in my own life and business — including real-life examples of specifically what I’ve used self-coaching for, the exact METHODS and techniques I use for effective self-coaching, sample questions I often ask myself when self-coaching, and more!

In this blog post, I want to share with your a SNEAK PEEK of that live call: a complete overview of exactly what I covered during the call,
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Does coaching really work? If you’re skeptical about coaching, or if you’re wondering, “Can coaching REALLY get me tangible results?”, then this blog post is for you. We’re going to break it all down as to whether coaching actually works!

Be sure to read all the way to the end of this article, because I’ve included a REALLY important question to ask yourself in life/business when you’re deciding whether coaching is right for you!

I’ve been sharing a lot lately about Solopreneur CEO, my 6-month 1:1 coaching program to help you create a LIFESTYLE business so that… 

  • Your business fully supports your personal life goals,

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We ALL make mistakes along the way throughout the solopreneur journey. Today I wanted to share with you a big mistake I made with my own solopreneur business — so you don’t repeat it!

If you’ve read my solopreneur story, then you’ll know that I scrambled to find a 9 to 5 job early on as a freelancer — not because I needed money ASAP or because it was my only option, but because I thought I wasn’t cut out to be a full-time business owner.

THAT was my big solopreneur mistake: Believing I wasn’t ready or capable.
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As an anti-hustle Productivity Strategist and Success Coach for solopreneurs, I see so many solopreneurs making the wrong assumptions about solopreneurship. I TOTALLY get why you might believe some of these myths — because they’re very widespread, and at first glance, they *appear* to be true. That’s why today I want to clear up some of the biggest myths and misunderstandings that people unfortunately believe when it comes to solopreneurship!

One of the big reasons why we need to address these myths is because often, people don’t even realize that these myths are holding them back from their own success as a solopreneur.

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Where are you at in your solopreneurship journey? Depending on which of these 6 phases you’re in, you’ll be experiencing different types of difficulties — and there will be specific steps along the way that you need to take in order to shift out of that phase and into the next one.

These are milestones that we ALL go through, by the way!

For example, here’s a timeline of (part of) my own solopreneur journey: 

(You can read the full story of the struggles I’ve faced as a solopreneur in a recent blog post I wrote)

  • November 2013 — Ideation phase (milestone #1): Realized that I was no longer willing to stay at my 9 to 5 job!

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You know how your hands start shaking and your heart beats faster when you’re submitting a final project to a client, or when you’re about to walk onto a stage and give a presentation, or when you’re about to tell someone “I love you” for the first time, or when you’re on a Zoom meeting and waiting for a prospective client to tell you whether they’re going to hire you?

That’s because you CARE. That is your body saying, “I care deeply about this. I want to do this right. I want this to turn out well.”

This type of fear is really about you caring a lot about the outcome.

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I have been a solopreneur for well over a decade at this point, and I think that often, we lose touch with the REAL reason why we become solopreneurs in the first place — and all of the wonderful facets of solopreneurship that there are to embrace. (This is especially true when you’re caught in the “hustle and grind,” or when most business gurus are talking about how you “need” to grow your team, or that “staying as a solopreneur means you’re playing small,” etc. We are here to dismantle that perspective, FYI!)

With that in mind, I wanted to take this opportunity to share my story with you… and also to give you the space to reconnect with your own story,
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Michelle, an accomplished sonographer and the creator/teacher of the popular YouTube channel Sonography Minutes, joined Solopreneur CEO (productivity coaching for solopreneurs) this past summer. She was ready to start making more progress on her business goals! 


Solopreneur CEO is a 6-month, 1:1 anti-hustle productivity coaching program designed specially for solopreneurs (layered with consulting, mentorship, and teaching) to help you FINALLY make progress on your business goals, structure your business so it truly supports your personal lifestyle goals and values, customize your strategies and actions so they feel amazing for you and your unique wants/needs,

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