This is one of the most common questions I receive:

I love to write, and I think I’m pretty good at it. How did you start? How can I quit my day job and write full-time too?

This is a great question—and there are so many potential answers to it for how to be a professional writer!

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Here are two of the key questions you’ll want to ask yourself if you are interested in starting a career as a writer:
1) Am I any good?
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When I go to an event and get into a good conversation with someone, I have a terrible habit of staying with that person and just talking to them. I get comfortable speaking with the same person, and I also like to have longer, deeper, more meaningful conversations.

That being said, this might not be the best strategy. In fact, I’ve become convinced that you should always leave someone wanting more when you go to events! Here’s why (and how to network effectively at events):

1. You will eventually run out of things to talk about.
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Every single time I do work as a freelancer and submit it to a client, I tell them that I hope it’s what they were looking for—and to please let me know if they have any changes to make.

The thing is, when someone hires you to do something, you can’t always be entirely sure exactly what they are looking for. This is especially true if you are doing anything in the creative sphere, such as writing copy or doing graphic design. And I can’t imagine how uncomfortable that must be for the client, if the work submitted to them is totally different than what they were looking for!

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As a freelancer, you get to be the boss, secretary, office manager, employee, and bookkeeper, all rolled into one. And no doubt you are stronger in some of these areas than others!

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Most people become freelancers because their strong skills are in being an entrepreneur and / or in the type of service / product that they provide to their clients. When it comes to pricing products and services and invoicing clients, however, many freelancers hit a wall.

Learn all about negotiating rates with clients,

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When you first start out freelancing, it can be tough! Building a client base, getting work experience, and making a living can take a long time.

Although a lot of traditional online freelance bidding sites, such as Elance or Freelanced, aren’t the best way to get long-term freelance work (particularly because the pay can be ridiculously, below-minimum-wage low), there are some benefits to them when you’re just starting out.

Here’s why Elance and other similar sites can be a good option for new freelancers:
1) It gives you the opportunity to gain work experience.
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This is a common question I get from people who work traditional 9—5 jobs, or who don’t have much experience in the small business world or in freelancing. And it’s an excellent question: if you don’t have a boss, then how can you stay on track with your work? What’s to stop you from just not doing anything all day long? Who keeps you motivated to keep working?

There are three steps, in my experience, to be productive, keep on track, and stay disciplined when you don’t have a boss…

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Why you NEED to make your business a priority... plus 4 strategies to actually DO it! This is a must-read for small business owners, bloggers, & freelancers. Sometimes you have to put yourself and your business first!

Friends. I have to admit it: I’m exhausted.

One of the events that I was working on took place while I was in Vancouver; the other event was just a couple days ago. Now that those are over, I have to play catch-up on other work! …and I have to play catch-up on and my business, not just my client work.

It’s so much easier to do work for clients when you run your own business. It makes sense to make clients a priority, but it’s also very important not to neglect your own business!

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Can you believe that it was just one year ago yesterday that I started freelancing full-time? How the time flies! Every day when I wake up, I am so grateful and happy for making the decision to strike out on my own and start my own business. I love being a small business owner and working from home.

freelance life

While some things have stayed the same over the past year, other things with my work have changed. One year of full-time freelancing later, here’s what my life looks like:

  • I’m doing more social media management than editing for clients.

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Should freelancers work on the weekends

This is a question that a lot of home-based freelancers / small business owners have. Should I work on weekends? Should I work in the evenings? Is it better to keep regular 9—5 hours? How many hours per week should I be working?

The answer, of course, is it depends! But if you’re a freelancer or home-based small business owner, you can figure out your own answer to this question pretty easily by asking yourself a few more questions:

1. What is your working style?

Are you the type of person who can sit down at a computer and work for 10 hours straight?

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It’s the start of a new year—have you made any New Year’s resolutions? How about setting business goals?

While I’m all about choosing a word for the year, I also like the idea of setting business goals for yourself throughout the year—especially for freelancers and home-based business owners! It’s a fun way to see the progress you make, set yourself up for success, and create and implement a plan of action.

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Setting business goals: why it matters & how to do it. Tips for freelancers, bloggers & more!

How to set business goals:

When you’re setting business goals for yourself,

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