It feels like overnight, EVERYONE on social media is looking for a business friend. I love it! It’s awesome that so many home-based business owners are realizing that they need the accountability that a business friend can bringNot sure if you need a business friend vs business coach? Learn the difference between a business friend and business coach, and how to figure out if (and when!) you need a freelance business coach for your small business. Click on over to learn all about it now!

A business best friend can do so much for your business (more of that in this article about the value of business friends)… BUT there are also some problems inherent with having casual business friends, compared to hiring a business coach to be your biz bestie.

Grab the cheat sheet to find out if you need a biz coach + get a VIP coupon code for the Biz Bestie coaching program >>

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We’ve all been there: Want to FINALLY move forward with your freelance business? Discover the top 10 ways to keep accountable with your business in this article! You'll get valuable tips to help you stay accountable as a small business owner and continue making progress over time. Click on over to get the accountability tips for freelancers now!

“Someday I’m going to start my own business and it will be awesome!”

“Pretty soon I’m going to actually quit my 9 to 5 job and work from home full-time.”

“I’m an *aspiring* freelancer.”

To each of these statements, I ask…

WHEN and HOW are you going to go about starting your own business/quitting your day job/becoming a freelancer?

WHAT is your strategy and timeline, exactly?

It’s like when people say that they’d love to write a book someday:

Okay… that’s great!

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Full disclosure: I’m writing this right now because the alternative is that I will go out to the movies, mostly for the purpose of eating a giant bag of buttery movie theatre popcorn than to actually see the movie itself. Get tips for starting your own freelance business + find out how choosing to eat healthier is VERY similar to starting a business in this article! Click on over to get 3 strategies for successfully making real change in your life, whether that's eating healthy or starting a freelance business.

But this whole concept of eating healthier/getting fit being similar to starting your own freelance business is something I’ve been thinking a lot about over the last little while, since I decided to take action and change my dietary habits and begin exercising regularly last month.

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If there are only 3 things I have learned over my 8 years as a small business owner, it would be this: A business best friend can do AMAZING things for your business! Find out why you need a business best friend in your life, what they can do for your business, and how to get your very own biz bestie for your freelance bsuiness (plus get a VIP coupon code for the Biz Besties Coaching Program!) -- click on over to get the goods now

  1. No one will ever care about your business as much as you do—and therefore it’s up to YOU to do the work
  2. You will have so much more success if you focus on creating customized systems and strategies for your business
  3. You will get so much farther ahead (a lot faster!) if you have a business best friend in your life

Grab the cheat sheet to find out if you need a biz coach + get a VIP discount on the Biz Besties Coaching Program >>

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Starting to teach other freelancers how to start and grow their successful and profitable freelance businesses has been AMAZING. I am having so much fun with it! Not sure what a business coach for freelancers DOES, exactly? Find out everything you wanted to know about getting a business coach in this article! How to choose a business coach, what a business coach does, pros of group coaching vs one-on-one coaching, why you need a business coach for your freelance business & more. Click on over to learn all about freelance business coaching now!

So much fun, in fact, that I launched a brand new program last week: the 8-week Biz Bestie One-on-One Coaching Program! It’s the perfect option if you want to take things to a whole new level and get really personalized coaching.

As I build my business and create more programs, I’ve had people ask me an important question: “what exactly does a business coach for freelancers DO?”

Let’s address that topic today!

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ConvertKit* sounds really awesome, but it costs too much. I’ll use MailChimp for free instead.”

“What free options are there to edit video and podcasts?”

“Why should I bother spending money on an expensive social media scheduler like MeetEdgar* when I can do it for much cheaper with other programs?”

“I’m not going to spend money on a book or course to learn how to do that service—I’ll figure it out on my own instead.”

I hear these types of things ALL THE TIME from other small business owners.

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Should freelancers blog? Too many small business owners and freelancers jump into getting a blog (just like they jump into having an email list!) without actually thinking about WHY they’re doing it.

Having a blog for your freelance business can be AMAZING for marketing purposes, connecting with your audience, and just sharing your knowledge with the world, but I highly recommend that you take some time to really put some careful thought into it before you dive into blogging.

The truth is, blogging is incredibly time-consuming and it can be overwhelming.

It’s hard to maintain a consistent schedule,

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Putting together your freelance services webpage, but not sure what you should include on it? You need an awesome freelance services webpage if you want to get freelance clients and make money freelancing!

First things first: get a FREE worksheet on how to create your freelance services webpage by clicking HERE.

Grab your worksheet to create your freelance services webpage >>

Here are 10 things to include on your freelance services webpage! Don’t miss out on these basics:
1) Why your ideal client needs your freelance service


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Along with the question of, “how much should I charge for my freelance services?” and “should I do work for free for friends?”, one of the other common questions new freelancers ask me when they’re learning how to start a freelance business is, “should I list prices on my freelance website?” Wondering whether you should list prices on your freelance services website? Not sure about what to do if you have multiple freelance services you offer? Get all your pricing questions answered in this freelance tips article focusing specifically on setting rates for your freelance biz!

The super short answer is YES, yes you should publicly list prices for your freelance services on your website!

…but of course, it’s a little more complicated than that.

After all, it’s one thing to publish rates on your freelance website… but what if you’re afraid people won’t hire you,

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